Why this library?

BEST BOOK ON ANIMATION ART: The art of Open Season

“The emptiness of animation art books in Holland”

When I went to my local library because I wanted to see the book Disney treasures by John Canemaker (introduction) it took me 4 weeks and I got a book from 300 km away library.
That’s why Drontywood want them all in one collection. This generation and the next should know more about Disney for fun or research.
In Holland there is not much on animation (Disney) art books and animation books. So I have now a library with the art of Walt Disney and other animation art books for study and students. If you want to send me a Disney art book as a gift to contribute to the Disney Animation Artbook Collection for Students – please mail. Holland students must learn about Disney art. !!! That’s Drontywood ART and education!!! Are there collectors of these books in Holland …..and the rest of the world? LET ME KNOW!!!! Contact me at Drontywood@hotmail.com
Where can students find any book about the production process of animation films?
The books are also an inspiration for everybody in art and animation.
When you read about the art of Disney you see that it is important for students who want to study animation to go to art schools at a young age. But in Holland there is not much opportunity to go to art schools after their regular lessons in School Drontywood ART & education want to support those who want to learn to draw. Look at the book Nine old men and you see that al those who became great went to art school.
Please let me know when you want to learn how to draw at: drontywood@hotmail.com
It is never to late to start, wether you are 12, 18, 30, 40 …..
Drontywood has the following books in its collection about animation and the production process:  See Books.

To support the book collection please let us know when you want to donate your second hand Disney ART book from the wish list books about the art of Disney animation to us. Drontywood@hotmail.com