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New announced 2021

The Art of Maya and the Three 


New animation  ART-Books in 2022

The Man Who Leapt Through Film: The Art of Mamoru Hosoda

WANTED – Painting Album of Big Fish & Begonia 


WANTED – The art of Spirit Untamed – Bonnie Burton

Special book only for employees of Dreamworks  – What a pitty!!!

WANTED  – The art of animalcrackers

Lots of artwork from ♥     Carter Goodrich     

Great animation!!

ARRIVES  – The art of Alice in wonderland – Tim Burton

ARRIVES – The art of planet of 51

ARRIVED – The art of  The Mitchels vs The machines (Connected)

ARRIVED –  The art of Raya and the lost Dragon

ARRIVED – The art of Klaus – reprint

ARRIVED –  Great animation Art-book from director Glen Keane.

ARRIVED Special ART Books on games.

WANTED – Special Art-Books in the series: They Drew as They Pleased. Boek nummer 6

Jaren ’90 tot 2010 en verder

 WANTED – The art of Abominable – Special book only for employees of Dreamworks  – What a pitty!!!) FIND ME ONE!! – Bonnie Burton

WANTED – The art of Deanne Marsligliese

New animation  ART-Books in 2021

 ART-books in 2020 COMPLETE

ART-books in 2019 COMPLETE

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